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terça-feira, 29 de agosto de 2017

Sick Feel - Sick Society (Full-Length Album - 2016) - Soundcloud Stream

Foto de Banda Sick Feel.

Caracas based band, "Sick Feel"  continue to promote their full-length "Sick Society" released physicaly in a year ago (2016). Now the Groove/Melodic Death Metal band shared their full algum on their soundcloud account. 

On May 31, 2016 Sick Feel with great enthusiasm announced his signing with the Venezuelan record label Cepa Records, which was in charge of giving to light his first official album in physical under the name "Sick Society" and was as also dedicated to its distribution nationwide.

After 8 years of freelancing by the band, which has resulted in his musical career: 2 demos (2008-2011), an EP (2013), several official videos, collaborations compiled nationally and internationally and countless concerts and tours throughout the country level, Sick Feel becomes 1st official signing young label Cepa Records, which will begin to give support and encouragement to their national movement committed to the homemade talent.

Currently the band Sick Feel went on a promotional tour that took them once again by several states of their national geography playing live the new material of the first long length entitled "Sick Society".

Formed in: 2006
Status: Active
Year Active: 2006-Present

Joel Miranda - Vocals
Adrian De Abreu - Bass
Siro Tagliaferro - Lead Guitar
Daniel Nuñez - Rhythm Guitar 
Kenny Burmistrov - Drums

Country of origin: Venezuela
Location: Caracas
Genre: Groove / Melodic Death Metal

Current Label: Cepa Records
Press Contact: Osmar Ruiz (Cerebros Exprimidos)
Agent: Joel Miranda / Osmar Ruiz (Cerebros Exprimidos)
Telphone: 0416-9209173

Google Plus:

Sick Society (Full-Length Album - 2016)

Foredoomed - Ordeal (Full-Length Album - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Foredoomed began as a garage band in 2009. With various lineups between 2009 and 2015, the band released three different demo EPs. Atte and Asmo have been consistent forces of the band throughout the years.

At the end of 2015 the band started working on their first full-length album. After a lot of composing and preproduction, recording started in early 2017. The album was released 18th of August, 2017. During the album production, Eetu and Joel joined in the band.

On August 18, 2017 Foredoomed released its debut full-length album 'ORDEAL'. It brings together progressive metal and melodic death metal from the early 2000. To listeners this combination connotes Opeth, Wintersun, and Edge of Sanity among others.

Formed In: 2009
Status: Active
Years Active: 2009-Present

Joel Henrik Kaplas - Drums
Asmo Jurvanen - Guitars
Atte Kymäläinen - Vocals & Guitars
Eetu Kovapohja - Bass

Country of Origin: Finland
Location: Joensuu
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Booking/Press Contact:

Official Website:

Ordeal (Full-Length Album - 2017)
Released August 18, 2017 

All music & lyrics by Atte Kymäläinen. 
Arrangements & production by Foredoomed. 
Recorded from February to April 2017 in Joensuu, Finland. 
Keyboard & orchestral arrangements by Atte Kymäläinen. 
Drum production, arrangement, and sample recording by Foredoomed and Jere Jolkkonen from band Ruoja. 
Album mixed by Atte Kymäläinen, and mastered by Stefan Pommerin at Illusia Studio. 
Cover art by Rumyana Zarkova. 

Female vocals in track 1 by Mia Rouvinen. 
Additional growl vocals in track 9 by Joni Laihosola.

Orders and Streaming:

sexta-feira, 25 de agosto de 2017

Empyrean Throne - Chaosborne (Full-Length Album - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Empyrean Throne is a Clandestine Order of chaos gnostic Black Metal practitioners, an endeavor stoked in the fires of inspiration and forged with the hammer of hard experience. While indisputably an American band, the initial spark was in fact ignited by two travelers in Scandinavia, from where it journeyed south and west to the sweltering heat of Lake Forest, California, where in 2011, the first manifestation of the band that would eventually become Empyrean Throne was founded.

Empyrean Throne’s very first recorded music took the form of the ravenous “Demonseed” EP in 2013, with a sound described by OC Weekly as “a vicious mix of raw black metal and traditional death metal” coupled with the haunting strains of a real, organic cello choir, signifying the birth of the band’s trademark approach to composition. With the spoils reaped from this first offering; coupled with favorable reviews from, The Kosher Metal Blog, and, the Order of Empyrean Throne was still hardly content to stand still, as still so much lay in wait on the road ahead.

In the years that followed, the members of the Order underwent various ordeals that tested their merit as artists and human beings. Grueling punishment, loss, facing one’s darkest fears, and even encounters with that which some may venture to call divine proved necessary to shape Empyrean Throne into what it was to become: a sonic conduit for Chaos. Indeed a gateway leading inwards and backwards, elevenfold, towards that great intangible place and power. Ave Magnum Chaos.

Empyrean Throne’s  first full-length release, “Chaosborne”, is a testament to this new unfolding, lurching deeper into the infernal depths of Black Metal and higher unto the celestial realm of orchestral concert music. Telling the story of a hapless Templar knight in medieval Europe and his subsequent decent into the realm of Chaos, the album offers eleven solemn hymns to unbecoming, with the searing Black Flame of illumination and wrath burning brighter than ever before in the hearts of those who have crafted it, the members of the Order themselves.

Empyrean Throne have been privileged to fly their banners and leave their mark on the live front alongside many of the esteemed acts in extreme music, including Nile, Kataklysm, Aborted, and Cattle Decapitation, among others. The Order has also carved its sphere of influence from the sweat and grime of the road, with two west coast tours under their belts and an appearance at Central Oregon Metalfest in 2016. Apart from that and a smattering of singles, which include a vast rendition of the Behemoth classic “Ov Fire and the Void”, Empyrean Throne have been quite occupied indeed preparing the ground for “Chaosborne”, and for whatever may lie beyond…"

Media Praise

"Chaosborne is a pretty amazing example of what can be done with this genre here in North America. The cover art is totally badass, and I may include it as one of my top 10 favorites of 2017. The music inside tears through you like banshees with sneering vocals backed by stalagmite-sharp guitar playing and bombastic drumming. It’s definitely one of those records that records that leave you breathless while listening." - (Ratings: Musicianship  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐; Lyrics ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐; Heaviness ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐; Overall Impression ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐).

“Empyrean Throne blend the weights and harsh roars of death metal, the throat-tearing snarls and slashing riffs of black metal, and symphonic accents that lend the music an element of dark majesty” – No Clean Singing

"A compelling album from beginning to end, Chaosborne uses the symphonic aspects of black metal but keeps a more snarling tone present to give themselves some distance from other like-minded acts. There’s just as many gripping riffs as there is orchestral atmosphere, which should bring in an audience that might otherwise avoid an album like this. Cinematic yet occasionally caustic." - Dead Rhetoric (Rating: 8/10).

 "Chaosborne is really well-produced too, making it far more impactful as you can hear all the cool things Empyrean Throne is doing over the course of a song. It still has that raw energy needed for black/death and nothing is squeaky clean but everything is clear. All told, Empyrean Throne have put together a stellar debut that is hopefully a sign of even greater things to come." - Metal Observer (Rating: 9/10).

"Chaosborne is an album of multiple layers, demanding several listens to fully experience what Empyrean Throne are trying to convey with their otherworldly sounds. The band have released a superb example of the genre and have created something unique; a take on black metal that has yet to be explored by other bands within the genre." - Moshville 

Formed In: 2011
Status: Active
Years Active: ?-2011 (as Of Legions), 2011- Present

Mike Brennan - Guitars
Andrew Knudsen - Vocals
Leviathan - Drums
Spencer Strange - Guitars
Grey - Bass

Country of Origin: United States
Location: Lake Forest, California
Genre: Technical Black/Death Metal

Current Label: M-Theory
Press Contact High Road Publicity
Tom George//
Christian Bankes//

Booking Agent: Mark Muller//

Official Website:

Chaosborne (Full-Length Album - 2017)

Released August 11, 2017 

Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by Mick Kenney (Anaal Nathrakh)

Orders and Streaming:

segunda-feira, 14 de agosto de 2017

Shrouded - Ominous Divinity (EP - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Formed in 2014, Shrouded are a 4 piece Melodic Death Metal band based in Belfast, Northern Ireland featuring Dani Kansanaho and Shane Hughes on guitar and vocals, with Scott Neill on drums and Jordy Thompson on bass. .

Shrouded played their first show alongside Zombified, Scimitar and Rabid Bitch Of The North. Following this show, the band began the recording process for their debut EP.

The band independently released their first EP "Inception of Inhumanity" in March 2015 and went on to play numerous gigs throughout Northern Ireland to promote the EP.

In late 2015, Shrouded began recording a single entitled "Ascension". The single was released in August 2016 at Voodoo, Belfast and was made available for digital download on the band's Bandcamp page.

Upon release, Shrouded embarked on a 3 date Irish tour, playing in Belfast, Dublin and ending at the 96/1 festival in Cork. In October 2016, Shrouded made their first appearance at Ireland's famed Siege of Limerick festival.

Shrouded remerged in 2017 at Metal to the Masses, Belfast having finished the writing process of their next release and shortly after embarked on an Irish tour with Zombified and Scimitar. Following this tour Shrouded proceeded to win the Belfast leg of Metal to the Masses, paving their way to Bloodstock 2017.

Shrouded released their second EP entitled "Ominous Divinity" on 1st of August 2017 featuring 5 sinister new tracks packed full of shredding guitars and relentless blast beats. 
Formed In: 2014
Status: Active
Years Active: 2014-Present

Dani Kansanaho - Guitar & Vocals
Shane Hughes - Guitar & Vocals
Scott Neill - Drums
Jordan Thompson - Bass & Vocals

Location: Belfast, United Kingdom
Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Death Metal

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent

Ominous Divinity (EP - 2017)
Released August 1, 2017 

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Josh Robinson of JSR Audio at Bearcat Studios, Belfast. 

Artwork designed by Tata Kumislizer Art. 

All photography by Kerri Clarke of Exposing Shadows Photography 

All music & lyrics arranged by Shrouded 
All samples arranged by Dani Kansanaho 

The Wise Man's Fear - The Lost City (Full-Length Album - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

The Wise Man's Fear is a 5-piece Fantasycore band from central Indiana, USA. Their name stems from a fantasy novel of the same title written by Patrick Rothfuss that chronicles the adventures of the greatest arcanist of the age. The name itself is a statement against the destructive power of pridetruly wise men are almost unfailingly so humble that they seem to fear pride and the damage it causes). The series the book is part of explores the challenges and triumphs of its main character as he works his way through the world looking for answers and ultimately his place in life. His challenges force him to grow and develop as a person and an intellectual. For our own purposes we readapted the name to be a statement against the destructive power of pride. They believe that truly wise men are almost always humble to the extent that they seem to be fearful of pride. So the name really is a caution against becoming prideful no matter who you are or what you do.

The Wise Man’s Fear consists of Paul Lierman on drums, Joe Dennis on vocals, Cody Chambers on lead guitar, Tyler Eads on bass guitar/vocals, and Nathan Kane on rhythm guitar. A sound somewhere between Pierce the Veil and The Fall of Troy, these guys definitely fall into the metalcore genre, but have also expanded beyond the clichés present in a majority of those bands.

Before they all started playing together Joe used to be in a band with some friends from high school called Alias. It was through the fallout of that group that he met our old guitarist and connected with the rest of them. Even before Alias, Tyler and Joe were in a band called Dreamers and Creators together (they’ve known each other for a pretty long while now). Codi used to be in a band called Skies of Auburn in Massachusetts while he was living there. As for The Wise Man’s Fear, they’ve been around for a little over three years now! They formed in the spring of 2013.

On July 9th 2015 they released of their debut full-length album, Castle in the Clouds. Castle in the Clouds was recorded with producer Johnny Franck (ex-Attack Attack!, The March Ahead) and can, according to the band, they "took a very conceptual approach to writing the record...which follows the journey of the album's protagonist, a nameless knight, as he searches for an end to his quest and, allegorically, answers to some of life's enduring questions."

From the first track, the listener is invited to join in an adventure of questions, trials, victories, and discovery alongside the album's protagonist, a nameless knight who is representative of mankind. The knight awakens in a foreign field without any landmarks aside from a massive megalithic stone that is covered in strange markings standing alone in middle of the field.

After awakening in a strange land, a knight takes up the ultimate quest and embarks on an allegorical journey that explores some of life's enduring questions as he searches for the fabled Castle in the Clouds. Throughout all of the joys and hardships represented in each of the tracks, the knight continues to move steadily closer to his ultimate goal: the Castle in the Clouds.

Intrigued by his discovery, the knight becomes engrossed with the stone and obsessed with understanding what its strange markings mean. He becomes so resolved to understand its Secret that he vows to set out on a quest and not return until he has found the answers he seeks. As he is preparing to embark on his quest, he is visited by an ancient man shrouded by a cloak. The man warns him not to leave and tells him that if he goes he will have to travel alone, and that knowing the answers to his questions may destroy him. The knight resolves to leave even in the face of this danger.

The Wise Man's Fear has redesigned their sound with the production of their first full-length album. They put much effort and careful consideration into developing a sonic blend of blistering guitar riffing and powerful vocals to facilitate their all-new approach to songwriting and fantasy-themed conceptual subject matter.

The album suffers from the fault that most metalcore albums have: they’re too damn short. Being a fan of progressive rock music and concept albums, I’m used to fewer songs and hour-plus long albums that delve deep into the lyrics. Containing 11 songs lasting roughly 37 minutes, I crave more every time I listen to this album, and hope they can add an extra ten or so minutes to their next album.

  • Ball State Battle of the Bands 2015
  • Ernie Ball Vans Warped Tour (Indiana) 2015

On  August 10 they released their second album called "Lost City" that  is a great mixture of the elements in Castle, and shows quite a bit of progression into the  album.

The Wise Man's Fear has been methodically producing thematic, conceptual music since their debut full-length release Castle in the Clouds in July of 2015. Their material threads together to deliver a compelling narrative following a cast of characters representative of symbols and themes greater than themselves.

Formed In: 2013
Status: Active
Years Active: 2013-Present

Joe Dennis – Harsh Vocals
Tyler Eads – Clean Vocals
Codi Chambers – Lead Guitar
Nathan Kane – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals
Paul Lierman – Drums
Thomas Barham - Bass Guitar

Location: Central Indiana, USA
Genre: Fantasycore

Current Label: Unsigned/Independent
Booking/Press Contact: (

The Lost City (Full-Length Album - 2017)
Released August 10, 2017

Orders and Streaming:

Hitwood - Detriti (EP - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

The Hitwood project was founded in 2007, it's based in the North of Italy and is intended as a solo project of Antonio Boccellari. 10 Years ago, an old wise man appears in his dreams and guide him into an astral journey every night. In these “travels” there’s an old man, called Hitwood, who explains that he’s trapped in that dreamworld from a long time and his real alter-ego it’s probably already alive in the real world but it’s stuck in an perpetual sleep.

The old man discover in the dreamworld the dark future of the earth and do its best to communicate this to people in their dreams through its celestial music, because he can’t dialogue in another way. There are thousands of Hitwood messengers around the world but when they wake up probably didn’t remember what these melodies are about and ends up to forget them. The founder of Hitwood project is one of these Messengers and has the gift to remember the dreamy melodies despite he didn’t know what they really means.

His purpose was to make songs with fragments of these melodies adapted in a Melodic Death/Post Metal style in the hope to find someone who could remember something from Hitwood dreams and help him to communicate his visions of the future to humanity.

The first album "When Youngness... Flies Away..." was released in October 2016 after 9 years of composition necessary to elaborate all the melodies dreamed in the past years and trying to commutate them into a Metal approach and give them a logic song structure.
After this important milestone, was released another EP called "As a Season Bloom". Short album with only four songs where every track describe through music the vibe of every season to make a testament of how the season where before what would happen in the future. Nothing will be the same...

Antonio, the hitwood messenger, was working urgently on new material because the dreams becomes more and more frequent in the last times and the old wise want to find the other messengers to save the world from an imminent dark omen.

On August 13, 2017  DETRITI was released, the album was recorded between April and July 2017 suddently after the predecessor "As a Season Bloom", DETRITI signs a new path for Hitwood sound, this time no more instrumental but pure Melodic Death Metal with all that celestial sounds that you've always loved from our past songs and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the band founded in September 2007. 

DETRITI, it's the italian word for "debris". With this term I define the fragments of sounds that I remember I have experienced in my dreams. The concept behind the album is the background life of Hitwood, an old man that appears from 10 years in my dreams. The old man fall in a coma many years ago and find himself trapped in a dream experiencing visions from the future. He appears in dreams of us called "Messengers" and guide us in a dreamy journey night after night to give us the mission of save the mankind from a dark future. Because he couldn't, we are the only ones that could spread in the real world his message and we choose to do it with music... 


"As Far as I Can Remember": The meaning behind the track represents my feeling when I experience music in dreams, another dimension, a bright world with vibrant colors, and I want you to feel exactly what I hear in these "dream trips" that I experience from 10 years. Another meaning of the track regards The old wise Hitwood and memories about his past life before he ends up to lose himself in a perpetual dream.. 

"My path to nowhere": this song is about Hitwood and his thoughts since it find himself trapped in a dream. Tired of his tragedies he begin to wander searching the purpose of life and his recurrent question is if only him was the one that feel that insurmontable weight on his shoulders; if he's the only one that sees that loss of morals of the society and the only one that couldn't experience happiness he begins to think that if no one feel the same way, he could probably descend from holy gods.."as I wish to descend from holy gods, amen" 

"Years of sadness": As the previous song, these lyrics focus one more time on the Hitwood life and his desperation for the loss of someone and for the distance from his land of origin. As the song say "years of sadness I've carried along my way, tell my story when I'm dead", this is the last song about Hitwood life in the real world, before his coma. He says to "tell his story" when he will die and challenge you to "try to follow his footsteps", if you think you could do better of him, like if he passed an entire life judged by others. 

"More Winters to face": an instrumental moment of peace, like a transition from real life to the dream dimension. With this song Hitwood find himself trapped in a fully colored dream, represented by the artwork of the album. 

"Chromatic": After years of judgements, Hitwood feels that he haven't convinced the others of his potential, he feels like an "uncolored massive planet" but he constantly fight to became as bright as the sun and steal his place in the space. 

"Venus of my dreams": directly from our debut album "When youngness.. Flies Away.." this is a remake of one of my favorite song in this record called Her Red Air. The lyrics was written during the debut album recording sessions and the background story is about a call from Hitwood to lady godiva to save the world from a catastrophic future war that could write the word "end" to our existence.

Formed In: 2007
Status: Active
Years Active: 2007-Present

Antonio Boccellari  (All instruments and Songwriting)

Country: Italy
Location: Milan, Lombardy
Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Instrumental

Current Label: Independent/Unsigned
Booking/Press Conntact:

Released August 13, 2017 

Guest Musicians
Carlos Timaure (Vocals) 
Eveline Schmidiger (Vocals)

quarta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2017

Psy:code - MØRKE (Full-Length Album - 2017) - Bandcamp Stream

Danish technical metal outfit Psy:code released their third studio album, entitled "Mørke", through Pavement Entertainment/Sony BMG on August 04th on a release party at KB18 on the same day. The evening  involved a screening of videos from the past 10 years of the band's career as well as a concert featuring a mix of old and new material, with more information available in the official Facebook event.

Psy:code is a band driven by a desire to reach beyond its own boundaries. The band's first two releases, Delusion and Cause and Neglect, were met with critical acclaim by critics worldwide. The praise was not met with complacency and Psy:code set the bar higher when writing their third album. MØRKE is a natural progression, but remains grounded in the roots planted by its predecessors.

Over the years Psy:code has supported several major acts, including Slayer, Mastodon, Amon Amarth, Trivium, Gorefest, Illdisposed and Artillery. The band has toured extensively in their native Denmark and throughout Europe. Psy:code has a series of videos planned in the months following the release of MØRKE. Tour dates in support of the album will be announced soon.

Formed In: 2007
Status: Active
Years Active: 2007-Present

Schou - Vocals
SteiN - Guitar
JezpR - Guitar
Dag - Bass
Gøtsche - Drums

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Genre: Harcore

Current Label: Pavement Entertainment
Press Contact:
Phone: +45 20 67 85 96

Official Website:

MØRKE (Full-Length Album - 2017)
Released July 29, 2017

Orders and Streaming: