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quarta-feira, 13 de julho de 2016

Requiem Laus - A Higher Claim (EP - 2016) Bandcamp Stream

"The Higher Claim" is the title of the new EP of  Requiem Laus. The record contains two new tracks, an intro, and another instrumental. The lyrics were maded by the Madeiran poet Jorge Ribeiro de Castro,  the artwork it was designed by Ricardo Fernandes (known for his work as blackart Designs).

"The Higher Claim" was recorded by Ricardo Fernandes and Miguel Freitas, bassist and vocalist / guitarist respectively. The mastering was done by Jorg Uken, the Underground studios (Germany), who also worked as a session drumer. 

Formed in: 1992
Status: Active
Years Active: 1992-1994(as Requiem), 1994-Present

Miguel - Vocals & Guitar 
Dani - Guitar 
Ricardo - Bass 
Pedro Pereira - Keyboards 
Marcelo Freitas - Drums

Country of Origin: Portugal
Location: Funchal, Madeira Island
Genre: Melodic Death/Black Metal

Current Label: 666 Productions
Booking/Press Contact:

Last fm:

A Higher Claim (EP - 2016)

Released: July 10, 2016

All music by Requiem Laus. Recorded by Ricardo Fernandes & Miguel Freitas 
At Blackart Studio, drums Recorded and Performed by Jörg Uken. 
Mix and master by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio in Germany. 

Lyrics by: Jorge Ribeiro de Castro 
Cd artwork by : Blackart.designs